Adding SAHM to my resume

Well.  Crazy week number one, which was two weeks ago, included baby J’s first visit to an emergency room.  That’s what new parents do when the baby gets weird on a Sunday.  Also, FREAK OUT.

Everything is good, thank God.


Crazy week number two was last week and it was MAJOR work wise.  Which by the way, major changes.  Like, I officially quit my job yesterday.  The one where I had been working since 2011.  I no longer work for the pharmaceutical industry.  INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE.


A combination of factors lead me to the final decision.


Manfriend and I preferred that I stayed home to take care of baby J myself.  It sort of derived from wanting her to be on full breastfeeding at least six months, which would’ve been impossible had I gone back to work when she was two months old.  Also, I just can’t leave her in anyone else’s care.  I’m a jealous, control freak mom who looses her mind if someone else combs her hair differently.  It’s not my fault, I tried to politely ask my mother in law to please follow some of my requests. Like don’t cover her face during the day to make her sleep longer because I want her to know the difference between day and night, specifically I WANT US TO SLEEP AT NIGHT and what happened?  She covers her face and then proceeds to tell me she just doesn’t care.  There’s no way I can live with that. The result would’ve been a baby used to someone else’s ways.  I would’ve gone hospital crazy and my baby would have grown without her mother.


I also recently discovered my kyphosis is chronic and the pain I’ve been living with does not merge well with the tasks I had to perform as a biologic operator, which included being qualified for the cirque de soleil.  Plus the schedule was a nightmare, I had to work four different shifts in five days.  And rotate days too.  I’m thirty three, not twenty three.  After two weeks of that, collapsing was my only choice.


And last but, certainly not least, it coincided with manfriend’s business lunching.  I have been a sort of secretary to him for some time and as launching came closer I took over all the documentation and other things that needed to be done. Making sure he was calm enough to eat only one half of a cake in one sitting instead of it all, for example. After two years of intense work and countless sacrifices he is now officially on the market. It’s not easy to manage on just one income, but It’s a dream come true.


There’s much more to do, as it is now that the real work begins, but it’s amazing to see how it’s all come together. Every little piece in this puzzle now fits. Baby J gets to have a stay at home mom and I get to be a part of an incredible project. Know that I’m doing my best to keep up the weekly updates while I’m changing a diaper with a business call in one ear and the laptop on top of the changing table.


PD I can’t wait to share more about manfriend’s amazing project later on. He’s in the food industry!



2 thoughts on “Adding SAHM to my resume

  1. tgaw says:

    Ahahaa, I have two Lee’s in my Twitter feed. The other one is male. When I first saw your tweet, I thought it was from him, so my initial response was “SAHM… Whaaa?” Once I clicked on the link, it made perfect sense. : )

    Congratulations! Both endeavors sound exciting and full of promise!


    • narami says:

      Thank you Vicky!! We are exited over here. I should have mentioned my mother quit her job a few months after I was born and she’s probably the happiest about our decision 🙂 Gotta love when there’s support from the whole family.


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