The other side of the labyrinth

Yesterday I wanted to go spend the morning outside with baby J.

It looked like it was going to be a clear day (without the evil rain that is trying to drive me crazy) and I wanted to show her a new place, a park. When I was pregnant I had seen a little play place for kids near the town centre, I remembered a colourful slide and play house. So after preparing everything, which took me all morning, I headed out to try to find the place.

I still don’t know how to comfortably navigate the centre of the town so it takes me many turns and “was that the entrance? I think that was the entrance I had to take… oh yes, that WAS the entrance” to get to where ever I’m going. Add to that the fact that everyone in this town drives like they are insane and I can count with one hand the times I’ve gone out and come back in a good mood after dealing with the traffic here.

I mean, I worked in the metropolitan area of the island, the area where you have to be a driving “cowboy” (actual word used) to survive in the street and I thought I had seen everything. People driving in the emergency lane? Check. People violently provoking other people? Check. People willing to crash their car into yours to get in front of you or behind you or beside you or just because they feel like it? CHECK. But here… my God. What is a signal line, or a double line, or a yellow light, they have no idea. Anyway, no one here should drive period, but that’s not my point.

As I was saying, because I still don’t know how to get places here, it took me three whole trips all around the town centre to get to the place I was looking for. I parked right in front of the place and that’s when I noticed the sign that stated that it was in fact just a Head Start facility. No park for us.

And it’s sometimes so infuriating when that happens in life. You search so much for something, and it’s so exhausting to spend so much effort into trying to get somewhere and then when you finally get there, where ever you thought you where going, it’s not what you thought it was or where you needed to go.

There was a plaza nearby with water fountains and monuments but there was no shade for baby J so I ended up changing her diaper and coming back. She was ecstatic anyway because she loves car rides. As I settled in I thought how funny it was that I had driven around for so long only to change a diaper.

So it is what it is. Sometimes it takes a lot to get somewhere and you just end up dealing with some poop and coming back home only to re-discover that yes, home is just better.

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