Good Morning: An owl meeting

This town’s hatred towards me only seems to grow.

To the fact that it’s trying to melt me alive add now the new issue of rain. It’s been raining everyday. That’s every. Single. Day. The day begins with a beautiful clear sky that tries to melt us and then (it used to be at 2pm but it’s now at 5pm) it pours the thickest rain, one that comes with wind and thunder as if to say “you said it was too hot, well here. Freeze.”

I feel a cold coming just thinking about the change of temperature. My body doesn’t know what to do with it. Baby J (who is four months already, OMG THISISTOOFASTGODGEEMEH) is totally confused when I suddenly take off running to close the windows of whatever side of the house the rain is coming from and then, two seconds later, I’m opening that side and closing another because the rain changed and I don’t want us to suffocate from the steam coming off the walls and/or the ceiling.

So, I won’t deny it, I’m a little angry with this weather. I feel like I was fooled into moving here and then bam! No more pleasant, breeze days for you missy. No mornings with bienteveos and greetings from nature.

The other day, as if the town had been hearing my complains, I was greeted with a surprise that made it worth it to wake up in this side of the land. My brother in law (seriously English language? You make me, a single child, call a person a brother. I really don’t understand you sometimes.) helped a little owl go back to his habitat after he found him on the side of the street.

I went to my mother in law’s house in the morning and there it was. In a little bird cage, covered with an orange table cloth so that the light wouldn’t bother too much, tiny and cute. I couldn’t believe his eyes mostly, they were so impressive. His face was so handsome, and small! And I wish I could translate into words the way he moved around. He was apprehensive of course, but every single one of his movements was so smooth and regal.  LOOK AT THOSE EYES!

owlowl 2

My delight to see him (or her!) was such that I sat beside the cage a few minutes just squealing. I had never seen an owl before! And the cuteness! It wasn’t a good morning for him, as it was probably the first time he was outside the protection of the forest, but for us it was certainly a great way to begin the day!

PD My brother in law bought worms to feed him during the day and saw him fly successfully into the forest when he released him at nightfall. We think he is ok, though we have no way of confirming.

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