New Parent: Product Reviews

It took me two weeks to find diapers that fit baby J well enough that I didn’t have to worry about leaks when I dressed her. Two weeks of not knowing if my bed, or clothes, or the bassinet would survive the whole day clean is too much, so in hopes that this might help another new parent, this is the last installment of the New Parent series. At least in the foreseeable future.


– Newborns usually have thin legs, so I have no idea who designed newborn Snugglers diapers. Snugglers (in any brand) are diapers with a very high leg fit. Babies would need to weight, I don’t know, twelve pounds? In order to get the liner of the diaper to fit around their thigh. It’s criminal. In the hospital where I gave birth to baby J they used Pampers Swaddlers size 1 for all newborns. They fit very well. My favorite newborn diaper was Luvs newborn. Luvs are super absorbent and they fit amazingly well. The difference is the wider fastening (? I don’t know what to call the thinguies that adjust the diaper. Sorry.) band, that will make the liner of the diaper fit well around the baby’s legs.


– Baby J was sensitive to Desitin. Thankfully, the baby shower gift basket that I received from my coworkers was made mainly by moms so someone was brilliant and included a tube of Aveno’s Diaper Cream which is amazingly gentle. I was also advised by my nurse in-law to use Dermocrem because that’s the brand of diaper cream that the hospital endorsed and it is wonderful. I have yet to try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste which looks like it might be good for sensitive skins or Vaseline which is the classic.


– My travel system of choice is a Chicco’s car seat and stroller combo that is extremely prepared. The car seat was comfortable for baby J from the start, no need for additional support and the stroller is super comfortable to carry everything when we are out and about. I love that. But I mentioned before that I would choose a three step system if I could do it again only to save me the hassle of having to buy a bigger car seat and a seat booster.


– My favorite baby wipes are any without scent, except for the unscented from Walgreens. They make do for the travel bag, but for daily use, they are too thin and rough and not wet enough. I am surprised, perhaps foolishly, that Kirland (Sams’ generic brand) unscented wet wipes are the best I’ve used and I’m comparing them to Huggies’ Natural Care and Pampers. Baby J was sensitive to Luvs’ wet wipes.


In terms of general life-savers I give medals to: the baby monitor (what would any mom do without it?), onesies (because there’s seriously nothing more comfortable to put on a newborn), and a big but comfortable baby bag. We received a swing that I thought I wasn’t going to use much and JA, it’s a total back saver.


I also want to note that when people asked me what could they give me I always asked for diapers, wet wipes or food and I didn’t had to buy any diapers for like, a month. I still have wet wipes and I didn’t starved even though it took me about a month to step again into my kitchen. It’s a good idea to ask for the next size of diapers because baby’s change sizes so fast it’s better to have the next one always available.


Remember to enjoy the tiny bundles of joy, they stop being tiny too soon! Have a great week!



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