Saturated: Still waiting for fall

This town has disappointed me.


Before I moved here in January I used to visit manfriend almost every weekend spending two or three days here. It was never awfully hot. In fact I used to tell manfriend he didn’t know anything about being hot because I, living in the coast, I could tell the immeasurable difference between what he thought was awfully hot and what was really awfully hot.


And then I moved here and in August I started to add a middle-of-the-day shower because otherwise I couldn’t deal with the sweat. I had hopes that September would bring fall with it and maybe, if we were lucky, a soft breeze will come with it. I am beginning to wonder if fall will ever come. Winter sounds like something of a dream, a fairy tale where we used to be able to wear long sleeves and blow drying your hair wasn’t a potential suicide.


Today I picked up this flowers and for a second I thought it might be a sign that maybe fall was ready to make an appearance in the caribbean.


We are waiting.  And that one white petal feels sort of hopeful.


One thought on “Saturated: Still waiting for fall

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