Meanwhile in a doctor’s office

I planned on typing and posting twice this week, but I now have a baby. This means that I develop really ambitious schedules for most days and then everything gets scratched to include just three bullets: 1) feed 2) change diaper 3) play. Playing includes singing and blowing raspberries mostly, for now. Baby J thinks my voice is amazing. Anyway, if you need to simplify your life, have a baby. You’ll reduce your to-do list significantly. Sometimes it will read “survive”.

So I couldn’t post. Instead I spent the week dealing with doctor’s appointments (mine) and hyperventilating about how someone else was changing my baby’s diaper and maybe they were fastening the left side of the diaper before the right one and that would mess up the entire process.

Maybe my mother-in-law (seriously English language, you had no other way of naming the mother of one’s partner? You just HAD to make us call them “mothers”? THANK YOU.) was rocking her to sleep like I specifically asked her not to, oh wait, she does that in front of me so I’m actually sure that happened. SEVERAL TIMES during the day. CRAP.

What? I’m being anal about my baby’s baby-sitting? No, I don’t think so. I’m being COMPLETELY HISTERICAL about my baby’s baby-sitting. I have developed a process for everything that baby J needs because I am a systematic person and watching or knowing someone else is doing things differently kills me a little bit inside. I know it’s not exactly healthy but, if I could I would spend every single second with her just to make sure everything is running accordingly. Of course, I constantly go against this feeling for both her and my sake. We both need a bit of separation every now and then. It also doesn’t hurt if someone combs her hair just with the hair brush instead of doing it the correct way; comb first, then hairbrush.

If I’m going to be completely sincere, I also want all her smiles for myself. All of them. Maybe a few could be for manfriend but mostly, all for me; the person that gave birth to her. Not that I’m pulling rank or anything.

I have a sort of short series of baby-related posts to share about things that have worked and not worked for me as a first time mom. I’m no expert but before I gave birth I loved to read real testimonies about the things to buy or do and I just want to share my two cents because it could help another first timer.

So that’s coming soon. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!


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