Companionable: Partners in crime

I always wanted a boy.


As long as I could remember, when I thought about a child of mine, I thought of a bouncing baby boy. I wanted to buy caps, tennis shoes, baseball bats, four tracks, motocross bikes… you know, the usual baby boy paraphernalia. I’ve had a boy’s name since I was twelve. So when I became pregnant and people asked me what I wanted I never answered, but inside I wished for a boy. People say boys are for moms and girls are for dads, and I’m selfish enough that I wanted my kid to be for me.


When the time came to know the sex of the baby manfriend asked me in the waiting room what did I felt it was. I answered him that I had wished for a boy but it probably was a girl just to spite me.




“This looks like a girl.” Said the OBGYN. And I laughed out loud because JUST TO SPITE ME!


A couple of days later I was putting on my makeup and had a revelation. I knew far too much about being a girl not to able to pass on my knowledge. My heritage jewellery, my hair tricks, everything I know about how awesome it is to be a woman; someone must be able to carry it on!

I am now mother to my daughter who is going to buy makeup with me, listen to my stories about how much more important it is to have a great personality than great hair (although having great hair won’t hurt anybody), learn how to dance with me, inherit all my jewellery and just be my partner in crime from here on. In fact I feel like we’re already in on a secret team that only we know about and other’s can’t even begin to imagine. Nobody knows how much we share in our silent conversations when I’m feeding her and she just looks at me with her smart eyes.


She is my most cherished companion and I’m enjoying these first days where it’s just the two of us learning and growing together.


Here’s to a life filled with pink surprises.





2 thoughts on “Companionable: Partners in crime

  1. Vicky says:

    Aww– that’s super sweet. Ryan and I regularly used our “girl’s name” in normal every day conversation for the past two years. Stuff like “When Sagan and Rosalind are older…” or “This will be Sagan’s room and then this will be Rosalind’s room…”

    We did it to ourselves. By using the name so much and so freely, we guaranteed we would have another boy. 🙂


    • narami says:

      😀 I’m really sorry to say Vicky, you definitely asked for it! I thought it was really interesting how, after so many years, I found myself looking for a name, in the sense that, it made everything new.


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