Twitter roundup: From packing to science

I had one of those weeks. You know the kind: you had to wake up 3000 times at night to pee, the alarm kept going off too early, you walked around without brushing your hair and all dishes got done at the very. Last. Minute.

Maybe it was just me, but I’m exhausted.

So instead of rambling here, I’ll share some useful/interesting links I found and snuck them on twitter.


Super useful info on packing smart from Louis Vouitton’s website. I specially appreciated the tips on the order of packing and which items to roll.


We had been commenting on the reduction of population of bees on the island two days before I saw this article. It’s alarming.


Vicky shared this link and I loved how everyone looks working together.


It was late. I was watching a movie and since the right side didn’t work, somehow we thought it would be a good idea to load the CD on it’s wrong side. Don’t judge and glance the info because you might need it one day.


Because princesses can not be the only role model of girls, thank God, someone remembers REAL icons.


These kids play instruments made with recycled materials. And they have an orquestra. Because when there’s the desire to create, there’s everything.


It should say for LOMO lovers. In case you are using Impossible Project film, you can get a bonus.


This hit me as hard as when I found out about Henrietta Lacks and how no one mentions her in biology classes.


Have a great weekend!




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