The goal of a balanced healthy living

I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the nesting period.

I mean, I want to clean everything and arrange everything and nothing shall be dirty in the kitchen sink SOHELPMEGOD, and everything would be all done all the time if my feet allowed me. My feet give me a window of about three hours in the morning before swelling up so bad it looks like both my ankles are broken.


The only thing I feel I want to ignore is cooking. I don’t want to cook. At all. I want to eat all the food in the world, but not cook it. Manfriend has been a lifesaver because thank God, he cooks way better than me and has been compassionate enough to feed me.

Several weeks ago though I found an article in Yahoo about this girl who lives (along with her husband and two kids) on a 14,000 annual budget and I’ve been feeling so bad about ignoring the cooking! I’ve never been bad with money in general, so it’s not about that per se (although, I could do a bit more of saving if I put more effort into it, and who doesn’t need to tighten up a bit economically lately?). When I saw her meal plans I deflated. They don’t have a comfortable food budget and they eat SO HEALTHY! Much more healthier than us!


I mean, we don’t eat horribly, in fact my nutritionist was ecstatic that our meals were generally healthy to begin with (we don’t do greasy meats, we eat fresh vegetables and fruit etc), but we I certainly don’t make my own bread, or my own pancake mix, or my own pizza. Sometimes I un-freeze ready to cook chicken strips and fry them with some tostones and then I spread peanut butter and Nutella on a bread slice, drink a whole glass of milk and I pretend that I cooked a wholesome meal. What? The TV said Nutella was an excellent choice!

Some other times, I actually make a wholesome meal, like this Spicy Sprout Tortilla Egg Taquitos.  And a side of fresh fruit!  Hard chef work!

After reading her for a while the only thing that has lessen my guilt about not making homemade pumpkin bread is that we do grow quite a few things. And by we, I mean manfriend who has a well supplied crop with an assortment or produce that, not only saves us money, but help us consume organic products on a daily basis.

Ideally, one should be able to grow a variety of things and also make homemade pancake mix. How do you balance your homemade living?

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “The goal of a balanced healthy living

  1. geekhiker says:

    The short answer is: I don’t. I dunno, but when I’m living the glamorous (*cough*) bachelor lifestyle, I don’t tend to do the homemade balance thing very well. Much easier when I was sharing space with others while traveling or living with 1Cent. Somehow the solo life just doesn’t encourage it…


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