Lunchtime: A bit of nature’s meal times

After a few days hearing the chicks we finally saw the Reinita feeding them.

She felt safe enough to feed them while we were around, far enough from the nest. I decided to give it a try to get them on video one day we spent outside renovating and preparing furniture (putting a nursery together; NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART). I sat in a corner with the camera focus-ready and waited until she understood that the camera was not threatening. Wild life photographers: I have no idea how they do it. Much respect.

Hope you enjoy this rarely seen bit of nature. Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Lunchtime: A bit of nature’s meal times

    • narami says:

      Those little ones taught us so much about the perfection of nature in a few days! They called only when momma required them to, and then they were were very silent and vigilant when she wasn’t around. In their last days on the nest they hanged out a bit longer as if to check out the place where they were going to live, that’s when I got the video. Felt very lucky to have this guests in the house! :o)


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