Announcement: Where I make it clear that I did not ate a basketball, even though it looks like it

There are things in life that we can’t hide.

That horrible green in your hair after a dye job gone awry. The cookie crumble that fell in between the “t” and the “y” keys in your keyboard. The stupid pimple that insists on making an appearance right in the middle of your nose.

And also, at some point, pregnancy.

There comes a week in pregnancy when you are pregnant to whoever looks at you, no matter if they don’t know you or if they are riding an airplane two thousand feet above ground.

So, now that I almost can’t tie my own shoes I think I should make a statement like fancy people: I’m pregnant.

You can take a moment to process that if you want. I mean, I waited a whole twenty seven weeks to tell you because that’s how long it took me to process the fact. I was just me one day, and then the other I was me GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IN MY INSIDES. My brain exploded and I spent all this time collecting the pieces stuck in the walls and the ceiling. There was one little piece behind my hairdresser that was particularly hard to get.

We -manfriend and I- are thrilled with this baby. We are also scared shitless, but more than anything we are very excited and happy. Then we freak out and then we are SOHAPPY again. Repeat.

The rest of the families has lost their mind. This is going to be the first grandchild for both families, so you have no idea of the kinds of plans and cheer joy that people are exuding. I mean, this kid already has two horses. I don’t even have to add anything to that. I’m sure most of them are forgetting that the baby will not walk immediately after birth.

So there’s been a lot of changes around here, the most exciting one being my belly is so big the other day three people asked me how I swallowed the basketball.

10 thoughts on “Announcement: Where I make it clear that I did not ate a basketball, even though it looks like it

    • narami says:

      Thank you Kristy! Wow pretty much sums it up, yes :o) It’s wild how much everything has changed in just a couple of years just because I’ve “settled down” (that phrase…)
      I’m hoping I’m able to manage mom hood like a boss, though I’m sure the learning curve will leave me like O_o


  1. tgaw says:

    Oh my goodness! Such wonderful news! Congratulations!!!!!

    I am actually just a month or so behind you– I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second son. :). This past weekend, Ryan, Sagan and I went to a store. I was wearing a jacket which in my mind concealed my belly, but instantly the cashier started asking when I was due. Later I saw my reflection in the store window. Uh…yeah…that jacket had NO hope of hiding that belly!

    P.S. Re: Tying your shoes— I recommend squatting. 🙂

    Again, congratulations!!!


    • narami says:

      My goodness Vicky!! you have just confirmed that EVERYONE is pregnant! 😀 I am thrilled for your family, congratulations to everyone!! Specially big brother Sagan who is certainly going to have a blast.

      I remember the day I was officially very pregnant. I was like well, no one is going to wonder if I’m having a few more beers on the weekends.

      Squatting! My best friend! Except I find myself so heavy to get up…

      You should know, your poise going for natural labor is my goal. I have actually studied your birth post with notes and everything. Thanks for sharing that!


      • tgaw says:

        Thanks Narami! I may have gotten off easy with Sagan being such a little baby, but never fear– four other couples from our Bradley Method Birth Class also had natural unmedicated births– with bigger, normal-sized babies! No super athletes among us, just normal women who trusted our bodies.

        Also it is sort of neat the power of blogs of “strangers”. There is a woman in Maine whose blog I follow. I have never met her, but I first heard about the Bradley Method from her birth story on her blog.

        Reading her post was the first time I had ever really considered natural birth as obtainable. : )

        I hope the rest of your pregnancy is delightful. If there is anything I help with, let me know!


        • narami says:

          Thanks so much Vicky!! I haven’t trained in any particular method (which I know is a mistake, I just haven’t been in a correct place mentally to bring myself to train to birth. Sounds crazy, but it’s the truth) but I’ve been reading a lot about natural birth, and preparing myself spiritually (strangely I feel much more at ease by thinking of a natural-spiritual experience, hormones might be making me insane). Reading real stories has been key, I never considered anything different than a natural birth.

          Oh! and I rely a bit on the fact that my sister-in-law is an experienced birthing (she has assisted births?) nurse. I’m going to follow her voice to success. 😀


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