Plus, they have “character”

When I first visited our new home there were some things I noticed that made me immediately feel like this was were we could live in the immediate future.

The back yard, of course, with all it’s trees and wonderful silence, the calm of the place, the sun settings, for example. And then there were a couple of things that we needed to fix and update to make it ours. We had to furnish the whole house.  And the first time I was going to enter I saw this:

 reinita nest

We have to change the light fixtures! Was my first reaction. Only to discover a couple of days later while we were cleaning the house for the first time that inside that nest was an egg. A reinita was nesting in our terrace and she was so cute! I saw her later on, in the mornings flying in and out of her home while taking care of her little one.

My home was giving another creature a home and I couldn’t be happier to share it. We are not changing the light fixtures anytime soon.


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