The Circle of Life

When I was about eight my cousin Pablo was born.


His family was close to my house so he visited us frequently and I baby sat him quite a bit. He was the first baby I even changed the diaper to, or fed a bottle to. He was the first baby I ever saw fighting his sleep with a screaming tantrum that included hitting himself with whatever was close if he could.


Later on, when he was in school, I helped him with his homework. We ate together at my grandma’s house and then we took a nap, he didn’t fell asleep unless he was playing with my hair.


That boy had a daughter last Tuesday, December 11th. Her name is Paula Cristina (P.C.!! hahaa), she is tiny and cute.


Paula Cristina

little cousin


Lets hope she doesn’t hate falling asleep as much as he did, or he’ll be paying some karmic debt.  The circle of life is AMAZING.


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