Changing Seasons: With Puerto Rican flavor | Con sabor a Puerto Rico

Tis' the season. #Christmas #falalala

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I said when Christmas arrived I would embrace it with gusto.  The strong, cold winds of December are here and as soon as I needed my hoodie to go outside in the mornings I started listening to the correct music for the season, Puerto Rican style.

I love to listen to music from all around the world and discover new music from it’s listeners.  This December I wanted to share our music in case anyone wanted to listen to what it sounds like over here these days.  I’m posting one youtube video with a Puerto Rican Christmas song everyday at 9:15am -thanks to Bufferapp- in twitter.  You can follow me there to listen to a Puerto Rican Christmas, day by day.

I have to say, I do love my Twisted Christmas (from Twisted Sister, one of my favorite holiday albums ever), but nothing compares to that.

Enjoy the season!


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