Thankful: For everything

chinas en venta

chinas en venta


I saw that painting last weekend and thought it fitting for this.  I feel thankful for everything it conveys.  Our culture, health, our foods, our heritage.  And I’m thankful for the moments of silence, like the one that surprised me when I found this, where we sometimes find life’s truth.


I have tweeted this before but why not add a little music to this too?  I love this song, Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone, which you can hear in it’s full and original version here.  But I found it covered on an audition for the X-Factor (which I don’t watch–ever) by a thirteen year old girl called Carly Rose Sonenclar who has been described by the judges as an alien, non-human and possesed.  I love her style, her voice is amazingly soulful and she has an absolute control over it so her performances are breathtaking to watch.    Yes, she is also cute.


I haven’t been able to shake this off in weeks and I don’t plan to any time soon because the words are a wonderful mantra to keep holding on to the little, but most important things of the day by day.   I invite you to enjoy this shorter, but rich arrangement of this song.  You might need to watch it at least three times for it to sink in, I warn you, but it’s so worth it.  (This is not a HD video.)


(On a side note:  I’ve watched this over forty times, never watching it just once at a time because of that moment when she hits the soft high note and LA Reid goes “what?!”  Love. That.  Bit.)


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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