At the brink of a new election

I love the island I was born in. I wish I could extend my arms wide enough to hold this entire piece of land in them and I wish that was enough to make it well. I have felt this way all my life. No one told me to feel this; it just happened. I felt the music from our land beating in my heart before I could talk, the breeze of the mountains caresses my soul, I feel like my blood flows in sync with the ocean’s pulse whenever I’m in the seashore.

And that is why this article written in the Huffington Post by someone that doesn’t live here breaks my heart. It breaks my heart, because technically, it’s mostly true.  That is probably the hardest sentence I’ve ever written to be shared here. But I write it now, eleven months after I first read that article because I am finally able to make peace with it.  It took me long, but I now accept that it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t have to.

This is how I see my island.

It is how a lot of people see it and it is ALL true. And it’s strong, and valuable and it is so worth fighting for, so very worth it that we are giving it our all everyday. Everyday we stay here and we make it work.

We live here, and I mean really live here. I want it to be better. We’ll soon be voting for a governor and government again and I hope whoever gets up there can see past the mess that we are into and work for this island and it’s people. We need a good team on our side to make it better.

Until then, I still love you Borinquén. I love you always.

Bonus: You can see our capital through my eyes here


4 thoughts on “At the brink of a new election

    • narami says:

      Thank you Angelia! More than anything for the prayer 🙂 I have hopes this year that things will go in a good direction.
      I hear that complain from cruise visitors all the time! I think it’s about time they work something out. The rainforest is gorgeous though I know you probably walked around Old San Juan and the capital is magical. Have a great day!


  1. Kristy Krissy says:

    I actually feel the same although I was born and raised in the midwest, and estranged from my Puerto Rican father. It was one of those things that just hit me. Maybe there’s PR dna??? 😀


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