Alfalfa Sprout Rolls at breakfast for the win!

I used:

small flour tortillas

5 eggs

(about an inch) mortadella jam chopped

3 slices of turkey jam chopped

1 tomatoe chopped

salt & pepper

1 teaspoon of sofrito

one third cheddar cheese (longhorn shaped) chopped

two slices regular cheese

about 2 onzs alfalfa sprouts


I used five eggs that rendered ten rolls (using small plantillas) and after eating three rolls I had to sit and moan for thirty minutes.  Add more or use less according to how many people will eat or how hungry they will be.  I loved this invention because it was easy to make, delicious and sustaining.  Highly recommended for a nice brunch, I’d say add a fruit smoothie or a cold fruity glass of wine and basically it’s a perfect Sunday first meal.

I fried the mortadella, turkey, potatoe cheese and tomatoes first because I like the meat to cook a bit longer.  Scramble the eggs with salt, pepper and sofrito and add the regular cheese slices.  You can combine everything if you want to make it even faster.  Everything goes into a pan with butter and is cooked until the eggs are done. Meanwhile, warm the flour tortillas and spread a bit of mayoneisse in them.

Make the rolls adding a bit of egg mix and topping them with sprouts.  Eat and enjoy the ecstasy.

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