October and November playlist

Everything is Christmas already.


Halloween hasn’t gone by yet, and every store has the Christmas decorations up.  Even radio stations are already playing bits of our Christmas music, which is one of my favorite things in the world, it’s just that… it’s STILL OCTOBER.

So I’m cheating, or trying to follow nature and I’m embracing the calm before our rambunctious Decembers.  People blow it up in December.  Big and heavy food, loud music, loud laughter, parties everywhere.  If there is one thing that Puerto Ricans go all out for, it is Christmas.  This year I plan to join them in jubilant celebration.  I’ll crack the fire-poppers, I’ll sing louder than everyone else and I’ll dance my feet off; as soon as winter comes.


Until then I’m going for more mellow and calmer music. Instead of our this:



Which is still awesome (for later), I’m going more for this, which is our danza. I leave you with a bit here in case you feel like joining in enjoying the last days of fall.





and in case you want to see how that’s danced (and the dresses!):



These videos feature my second favorite danza called Sara (my very favorite being Nélida, which I couldn’t find), musical arrangements by our talented Lito Peña and the videos of an amateur cuatro player who has been nice enough to share his interpretations of many Puerto Rican pieces.



Spanish bit:

En estas danzas comparto mi segunda favorita, Sara (siendo la primera Nélida, no la encontré), arreglos orquestrales de Lito Peña y los vídeos de un aficionado cuatrista tan amable que ha grabado varias piezas autóctonas. Además un último video para que vean como se baila la danza que es tan hermosa.




3 thoughts on “October and November playlist

    • narami says:

      I’m really happy you enjoyed it! A lot more comes up on Youtube’s suggestions and you can find many of those titles in iTunes, if you wish to have some for further listening :o) Thanks for coming by!


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