Silhouette: An oasis


This is called Traveller’s Palm or Traveller’s Tree.


From Wikipedia:

It has been given the name “traveller’s palm” because the sheaths of the stems hold rainwater, which supposedly could be used as an emergency drinking supply for needy travellers. (…) Another plausible reason for its name is that the fan tends to grow in an east-west line, providing a crude compass.


When I was very young my mother told me this palm tree could be an oasis if a traveller needed water.

Sometimes in our travel through life we need an oasis to quench our thirst for strength and hope.  Last weekend I had mine.  It came in the form of a chair surrounded by happy, welcoming people with nice words and a joyful view of the future.  There was also food (spicy BBQ chicken and sprout rolls for the win. I’ll share the breakfast sprout roll “recipe” later!) and more importantly STAR FRUIT.  A whole box of it for me to devour.  Being able to rest last weekend had an amazing effect in me, that oasis charged me with energies I desperately needed.


Activity for the week: when you need it, go find your oasis and rest there as long as you need to keep going with renewed will.  And then go out and kick ass.


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