Coworkers: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

I’ve heard my fare share of ridiculous/weird conversations from coworkers in my seven years working, but I think it’s because I’ve only been sharing the work place with my current coworkers for only a bit more than a year that I can’t process more of the sensitive and unnecessary information flying around the office lately.


Today I was walking in the hallway and someone in front of me was stopped by a line of people so she could confess her response to the question “if you were married and your husband lost his job, would you economically support him?” I kept walking thinking about the only alternative to that. Throw your husband out of the house and let him starve to death? I wanted to walk back and club them all in the head with my binder.


One day I had to endure a guy (in his twenties) stating that men should get women pregnant even if they aren’t going to be direct providers for them because that way they ensure their linage continues. I thought I had travel back in time and was living in 1914. He said this in a table where the men-women ratio was 1 to 6. He almost died and he didn’t even realised.


But nothing so far compares to the moment when I learned that the husband of one of my coworkers pees while sitting down in the toilet. I mean, I thanked her for completing my life with this piece of information that I REALLY DID NOT NEED TO KNOW.


Not a dull moment, I tell you.



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