Video: The irony of our drivers

So, last week I was heading home after one of those long days. I was cruising the highway thinking of all the things I would do when I got home (EAT!) At a point about thirty minutes from my exit I found a traffic jam that could only mean a fatal accident occurred. Maybe the road had exploded or something equally big because there was a long line of cars that looked like it went on forever. I was thirsty and tired and my patience was running really slim.

But I cranked the volume of the radio, sang for a while, danced a little with my upper body, you know, tried to make a party out of the situation like a normal person.

Forty minutes after that I finally got to what was causing the jam. A police car had bumped the railing ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY. People on my side where just stopping to LOOK AT IT. It was nothing near a mayor crash. There was nothing interesting there, just a car with a couple of bumps. But everyone slammed their brakes when they reached it. IN THE HIGHWAY. You can see an example of the traffic line here:



The other day though, I was coming home through the same route and noticed at some reasonable distance that there was smoke coming up from the emergency lane on my side of the highway. I kept waiting for the traffic jam to appear because surely people were going to enjoy this one, whatever was burning I could imagine people would like to watch it go down until dust. Guess what? No traffic jam. In fact, traffic kept flowing so normally I thought I was crazy but no, as I got closer to the smoke point I saw it: a Jeep was burning up! In the highway! I counted four cars stopped to watch, other than that, you can see that I was the slowest car passing the Jeep while I recorded the event.



The irony of our people, I tell you.


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