Celebrating E.G. third birthday

Diz’s baby, who’s birth I posted about here (updates here and here) is now three.

This blows the mind of all the involved because weren’t we in the hospital welcoming him to the world like, last week? No? You mean I’m three years older that fast? MAYOR FREAK OUT.

That boy has had a birthday party each year featuring everything from jumping castles, to pop corn machines. Every year his mother is not going to make a big party and each year I get there and have to park three houses down theirs because there’s five hundred people partying in her basement. This year was no exception, there was a giant jumping castle and a line of different plastic dinosaurs about two feet tall because the boy is currently obsessed with them and that was the theme of the party.

But there was something really special and different this year. The birthday boy! On this birthday he was able to play with all the other kids! When he was two the jumping house had to be cleared so he could jump in it because he was to little to jump with the other kids and he wasn’t able to run with his bigger cousins because he wasn’t that strong. This year he enjoyed every bit of his party, including all the candy that was before forbidden.

He was happy   🙂

And so were because we were able to celebrate his third year with us. What a joy!


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