Cool Apps: Buffer



In the world of web services it is incredibly rare to find a service that contacts users and service them without automatic systems. That’s why when I received an email from bufferapp letting me know I could reply to it and have someone directly answer any questions or comments I had I was delightfully surprised… and apprehensive. Were they really going to answer me if I wrote to them?


Then one day I received a notification of a new service they were adding to their mobile app and Joel (a co founder) wrote at the end that they were going to be replying to emails for a few hours to check the feedback for this service or any other comment or question. I was genuinely touched by the way the email was written, it wasn’t generic or disconnected like the usual email from a web service. I felt like they were really talking to me.


So I wrote back to let Joel and/or other bufferapp employees that I really liked and appreciated that. A couple of hours later I received a reply thanking me for my email and letting me know that whatever I needed I could contact them and someone would always answer. One of these cool people actually reads and replies to your email.


I am all for great customer service and this is a product that has that. If you want a great app to post to twitter, consider this one.


*Just in case it’s not clear, bufferapp DID NOT endorse this post.


8 thoughts on “Cool Apps: Buffer

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    I love buffer too. I had to contact them recently but they didn’t respond so quickly. I think I’d gone with an address I had from one of the early e-mails and when I actually went through the site I got an answer really quickly…

    And about two or three weeks later I also got an apologetic follow-up from the original e-mail.

    Buffer do seem to do things correctly.


  2. Alyssa Aldersley (@alyssaaldersley) says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome post!

    We definitely love hearing from everyone who uses Buffer, or anyone who might want to give us a try. We definitely do our best to reply as quickly as we can!

    Posts like yours make us all want to jump out of bed every morning and make Buffer even better! 🙂

    If we can ever help with any questions, just let us know! – Alyssa.


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