Mine: It’s ok to breathe

The past few days have been a full cup of stressful for me.


I had been enjoying (and very aware of it) a series of peaceful weeks where nothing thrown at me could matter because I was covered in the grace of Winning and when the force of the sucky blow reached my face I was thrown about 73475203 feet away. I’m barely starting to open my eyes and discover where I landed, my hair is still dishevelled and everything looks dusty around me.

But the morning right after the first day of stressy I looked up to see this:


I swear I took the first whole breath of air in eighteen hours when I saw that because I had the certainty that it was just for me.


6 thoughts on “Mine: It’s ok to breathe

  1. ioanna aggelidaki says:

    Sometimes looking at the sky is enough to bring you back on your feet. It sounds cliche but the world still turns and nature can be so beautiful… when you feel that awful it really looks like nature gives a smile just at you. It works for me everytime.


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