Clicky time for your procrastination break of the week!

Resharing some links I tweeted over the past several weeks:

Top ten species endangered article on BBC news. If I look at them long enough it makes me want to cry, those creatures are all so amazing! How can we be so horrible that we can’t take care of them?


This photographer made unexpected images of fireworks by refocusing mid shot. I’ve always thought photography is one of those arts were mistakes are pretty forgiving, if not welcome.


Sean Lennon (John Lennon’s son, the one that looks EXACTLY like him) wrote an article on the horrors of fracking. Be aware!


This photographic article titled An Hour in Centralia featuring images of what used to be the Route 61 were a fire started burning inside the coal mines about 50 years ago.


I gazed at that tiny dragon and that blazing slug for longer than I would admit. This is factual evidence that God made really cool and amazing things. Those guys are perfect!


Flickr shared this video of a fireball in Jupiter that impressed me not because of the actual fireball, but because it’s not made by NASA. Though the fireball is definitely going for the win.


Is there a way to resist a koala? This people claim we are innately attracted by them. If you see the part where they show a bit of koala communication you can conclude that HOW CAN WE NOT BE ATTRACTED BY ESKIMO KISSES.


Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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