Game of a made-up bestseller: A Yellow Stapler

Victoria invited us to play a game last week that consisted of touching something with the left hand and point at something with the right hand; put together the color of the touched article with the name of the one you are pointing to and that’s the title of your next bestseller. I wish I could come up with such cool things.

Mine apparently will be A Yellow Stapler.

Preppy, teenager Natalie secretly writes acclaimed BDSM stories for a local newspaper’s website, under a pseudonym. Her best friend Brent, is close to finding her secret and outing her to their schoolmates and her family. Will she voluntarily share her hard copies with Brent and try to avoid the scandal or will she go down denying what makes her exceptional? She knows only one thing: whatever happens, will happen under her own terms. And her stories will be part of the outcome.

I want to point out that I was able to write this “synopsis” because for the first time in about five years, I saw a scene in my mind. Insert my surprise here. I thought my creative side was dead because I dreamt stories so often and now all I dream about is mundane. But alas, that side though it’s weak and feeble IS NOT DEAD! Rejoice.

You can play along by sharing the title of your best seller with Victoria and with me in the comments. Have a fun week!


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