Los cuajitos con pique

When I was a child I didn’t eat anything.

I mean, I’m sure I ate something but I’m also sure I tried to avoid it unless absolutely necessary (like say, upon a “you are not going to watch TV today!” threat) because I didn’t like food. Three teaspoons of rice would last me a whole day. I played with the food in my plate for hours. I thought my mother might forget that I was eating (or not eating) and then I could go do other important things, like go teach a class of fake biology to a room full of dolls. Or prep a play where I portrayed all the characters while doing all the special effects. Both things happened pretty frequently.

To say I was picky with food is a huge understatement. I ate rice, pork chops, tomatoes like apples and green beans out of the can, eggs and bread. I can’t remember anything else I liked eating so maybe that was my entire menu.

Which is why it is amazing that these days I love to eat things like these:


That’s cuajitos de cerdo, cuajitos for short. Pig’s ears, in a stew. You add Puerto Rican spicy sauce, or tabasco and go to heaven.

If only that child could see herself eating that. Or pig’s paws stewed in chickpeas. Or fried blood sausages. Or even sushi. The same person that didn’t eat sweet peppers now loves raw fish.

Now I just need to learn how to cook them!


9 thoughts on “Los cuajitos con pique

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    Well, you don’t need to cook sushi 😉

    Nice post. I used to be really fussy too and in some ways I still am, mostly because I am a bit addicted to junk food. I’m going to try and do better though, especially after reading an article today that links poor diet to Alzheimer’s.

    Anyway, it is funny how our tastes mature. I bet we still become parents who say “you must eat this, you must eat that” though…


    • narami says:

      But I DO need to learn sushi! I love it too much not to 🙂
      I believe our diets are responsible if not of the conditions, certainly for a great part of the high incidence of them.

      And yes, I know I’m going to be that mother. There will be ONE meal and so help me God, you WILL eat it! Vegetables included!


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