A treasure for the collection

If there was a fire in my house (God bless us) and I had time to grab some things (beside my pets) my photo albums and my cameras would be ranking very high in the priority list.


There are few things that I cherish more than pictures and subsequently I have developed a love for the equipment that makes them. Back in 2009 I began making a little collection of cameras with different lenses and shooting styles. I was able to get a hold of a Golden Half, a White Slim Angel, and a Canonet 28 (you can see mine here) for my film camera collection. I also have a Polaroid 600, the only camera given to me by someone else (father) in my collection up until last July when manfriend added a treasure to my little collection:



It’s a Minolta Vectis 2000.

With this camera he shot many life experiences, he showed me some impressive photos of some of his vacations for example but most importantly; this is the camera that took all his motocross photos. Because some ten years ago manfriend did motocross. You can imagine me doing a little victory dance here.

He thinks I’m going to be able to do great photos with this camera because he has much faith in my savvy, but I think I’ll be able to shoot some surprises with it because I’ve research it and this baby can perform.


So I LOVE this camera. I haven’t shot it yet but I love it because every little mark it has, it’s his.



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