Free Spirit: Getting to the top

I haven’t done this before for a Photo Challenge, but for this week’s theme I’m going to revisit the day I hiked Toro Negro.


In that post I described the whole adventure of the journey, the place and the experience, but at the time I didn’t want to mention that trip was a personal milestone.   It was less about the hike and much more about getting over myself.  It was Christmas, I was sad, things at work were not running smoothly, I was emotionally exhausted and stressed and I wanted to rise above it all, literally.  I wanted to feel taller, to look at it from above and realise that it was all tiny in comparison.  I wanted to breathe another air and sweat away the negativity to be able to receive the new year in better spirits.  That is what that trip gave me.


I planned this picture in my mind days before.


I wanted physical proof that I had been able to stand at the top and conquer.  As I reached this place I remember feeling that I could do it all.  I could get through the funk of a lonely Christmas, the not so good times at work, I could get over myself.  All that sadness and bitterness was insignificant because my life was much more than that bit of tears.  I could see that as I stood on the top of that mountain and took in that view, it was so healthy.

I didn’t feel my emotions go away immediately, it wasn’t an instant cure, but it gave me the hope I needed.  It gave me air and strength to carry on a bit longer, which is the whole trick to overcoming bad days;   just hold on a bit longer, have a bit more faith.


And then I was free.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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