Audio: Sounds of Night time around home

There is something deeply emotional about sounds.

It’s why we choose certain music for certain activities (Guns N’ Roses to cook, Kings of Leon for car trips, James Blunt when it rains…), it’s why the laughter of our loved ones can lift us up anytime, it’s why we feel at home when we hear the sounds around it.

I already shared the beautiful sounds of some of my weekend mornings, when I spend them away and I hear the Bienteveo. These nights working the third shift and not able to sleep when it’s dark outside LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING made me feel like sharing what the night sounds like around my home. This is what I’ve heard every night since I was four:

You can hear the coquíes (I think I spot three species; catch the coquí coquí, the gurgling coquí and the high pitch, long coquí) which sound as if they took turns to sing, when they are really trying to out-sing their peers. That’s the lullaby you can hear in every part of this island and one of my favorite sounds of night time. There’s also crickets doing their riff and together they make my personal serenata, soothing my sleep every night. You can also hear me walking because the people that built the Galaxy SII thought we needed an extensively sensitive microphone and that thing can pick up someone’s breathing from a mile away. I’m not complaining, I recorded a friend singing and playing his guitar with this phone and I recorded CD’s. It’s darn handy.

So that’s what I usually fall asleep to, when I don’t spend the night away from home. What does it sound like on your side?


4 thoughts on “Audio: Sounds of Night time around home

  1. Krissy says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard coquis!! My cousin lived next to one of the national forests and told me he’d hear something like this…

    I’ve always known about the uniqueness of coquis to the island and how they die when the leave. A friend of mine said the coqui is the national frog because the rest of them got annoyed with the coquis and left (hahahah, I guess he had a thing against coquis, whatever!!).


    • narami says:

      That’s weird! Coquís are native species, but they have been experimentally brought to some other islands with similar climate like Hawaii, this is the first time I hear of them being abroad :o)
      Such a lovely lullaby!


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