Urban: Alive

One of the things I love to observe, specially when I’m driving, is graffiti walls.

That’s not to say I like public property to be graffitied, I’d rather graffiters left public property alone but, if someone is going to do something to blank walls, I choose urban art over other types of vandalism.

I like how graffiters usually find really clever ways to portray their thoughts about current issues.

Months ago, in one of my routes to work I saw a wall with some pretty cool graffiti.  A crown with hearts that I’ve seen all around the island, literally from east to west, it looks like it’s someone’s signature and they are doing some serious intern tourism.  A blue sort of drunken face (signed) that didn’t want to share the wall and had use a broken cement fence, I imagined an antisocial graffiter sitting there all alone while everyone else partied on the big wall.

There was one line among everything else that made me do a double take. This week’s photo challenge made me stop and take a picture of it:


The first picture there says “stas viv@?” which is slang for are you alive?   Someone wanted people to ask themselves if they thought they were alive.

Being alive, really alive means living. And sometimes it’s good to be reminded.

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