Rest peacefully Nani Mumu

Our beautiful princess Shay Marie passed away early in the morning the 19th of August.

She had spent the last weeks unable to walk from a brain hemorrhage that left her practically paralysed. She couldn’t do anything by herself. I feel blessed that she didn’t spend much time like that, on the contrary she was able to play and be as happy and perky as the puppy I chose when we got her for basically all her life.

She lived thirteen years loving tug wars, chasing lizards, jumping on Triunfo and giving kisses to anyone that stayed still long enough and surrendered to the one and only thing I was willing to let her go for; old age. She just fell asleep, as any saint deserves to go.

May you be running around in heaven, until we meet again my baby girl.


6 thoughts on “Rest peacefully Nani Mumu

  1. Vicky says:

    Aww, she is beautiful. I am sorry for your loss. My dog Jimmie will likely be joining her soon. He is 15 now and pretty feeble. I still remember him as the nimble dog that would hike with me though. 🙂


    • narami says:

      Thank you Vicky! This is the first time one of my pets passes away from old age and the experience has been really different. I’m sad and my God I miss her! But I also feel so thankful because we (her too) enjoyed her life so much, she was truly a happy dog.
      I’m so sorry for Henry, the process of change is the hardest part. To see them get old, that’s the real challenge.


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