Marley: Roots of Legend

I watched this movie during the week in bits and it had me enthralled from beginning to end. It’s the entire story of Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley as told by him, his family and friends.

I always said that for every life question, Bob Marley has an answer and I’m very proud to say, I was right! He wrote a song for every experience and situation that happened in his life. Don’t Judge because he was rejected in Jamaica for being mixed (his father was white – by the way, it was recorded when he was sixteen, what where the rest of us doing when we were sixteen?). Big Tree was for a competitor record label with that name. Cornerstone for the family on his father’s side that never accepted him. (From this part of the movie comes one of my favorite quotes – his half sister says to the camera “isn’t it amazing that he’s now become The Marley? He is now the cornerstone.”) And so on.

The interviews with his band members are PRICELESS. There’s a segment dedicated to the birth of reggae that I replayed about four times. One of the quotes of a musician is that “reggae was created on an “illusion” because it turns out that the guitar riff that defines reggae (from the original sound of ska) was not made on purpose! It was the accidental contribution of an equipment that began doing that little extra sound when the guitar strings were struck. The producer liked it, reggae was born.

At the end of the biography an interviewer asks Bob what his ambition is and he answers:

“I don’t really have no ambitions you know, I only have one thing I’d really like to see happen. I’d like to see mankind live together.”

Then the camera cuts to footage of people all around the world singing Bob Marley songs. A wonderful reminder of what a difference one human can make in this huge world that we live in, if only we keep trying for “peace, unity and prosperity”.


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