Wrong: Because I grew up there, and other kids will too

The street in front of my house is where I grew up playing with dirt, collecting wild flowers, running bicycle and many other activities that were incited by the calm and the security of the place.  I used it more like an extension of my house.  I still consider it that.

Many other kids now live here and do a lot of those things in the street, plus, one time for example I saw them soaking themselves in water from a hose while laying down right in the middle of the street, talking.  Not recommended AT ALL, but that gives you an idea of what kind of peace this street has.


This is what I saw a couple of months ago in this very street.




I think it’s called a ten? Maybe it’s a twenty, I have no idea because I’ve never had to buy drugs nor do I ever want to have that expertise, but I know it IS a baggie that once held drugs.


That is WRONG.





10 thoughts on “Wrong: Because I grew up there, and other kids will too

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    It depends on whether it was a baggie for drugs or not I suppose. I have loads of those little bags :-/ but it is because all the alternate size earplugs for my headphones come in them.


  2. bspokeon says:

    That’s not cool… I grew up in a street much like that myself. It wasn’t just an extension of my house – everyone knew each other too and it was like an extension of the family. I pray that you may maintain the peace in your street, for all the families of this and many generations to come.


    • narami says:

      An extension of the family… That is another great way to describe the intimate relationship we can have with such place. I pray for that too, and I’m actually thankful that it isn’t as bad here as it is elsewhere in the island. We can still enjoy a day outside and we intend to keep it that way.
      Thanks for your kind words and for coming by!


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