Growth: Rambutan

While we were buying the groceries for vacation, we saw a rare fruit on the fresh produce section that we had to buy. A guy was close by holding a package of this fruit and he came asking about it when he heard us talking. Manfriend proceeded to give him and me a briefing about what the tree looks like, how to eat it and what it tastes like.


The fruit is called rambutan. It’s most peculiar characteristic is a growth around it that looks like very sturdy and leaflike hair. It’s seriously one of the silliest and funnest fruits to hold in your hands. Once peeled it has a pulp-covered seed. The pulp is really sweet and has great chewable texture.

Luckily, manfried planted one of these in his farm some time ago and though it hasn’t given fruit yet, we might get to eat some home-grown rambutanes.


9 thoughts on “Growth: Rambutan

    • narami says:

      It’s London so there MUST be some place where they have it right? Wherever they sell “exotic” fruits and vegetables… or something. This one is exotic even for us, it’s not widely cultivated over here, well, that was the first time I saw one :o)


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