Friday boost: Virtual relaxation therapy

I spent the week after vacations wishing I could be working (I wasn’t allowed to work because of the state of my hands;  which by the way:  chemical burn.  Lemon acid.  I had no idea that could happen either!  And no, lemon had never done anything to my hands.), more because it is my normal routine and much less because I actually wanted to be working  and now that I have been back working for a couple of weeks?

I just want to be doing this:

And I mean, watching them sail around and not actually sail. That little boat had us enthralled. It was tiny (and so cute!), barely fitting two persons inside, but among all the jet-skis, kayaks, and various floating devices that people were using to look around the many little islands in the west of Puerto Rico (that side of the island is priceless regarding beaches and things to see) that little boat was the one that we watched with a bit of good envy. They seem to be having the time of their life. They didn’t need gas and the only physical demand was holding the sail in the right direction and well, probably balancing the boat. They even tipped over once and even that looked fun.

Lets take a moment to recharge through that footage. I need a bit of a boost to begin the third shift.

Have a nice weekend!


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