Weekend in Pictures: Güarapo de Caña + a cold coconut = happy people!

This weekend in pictures:


I drove.

I bought things.


I drove more.

outside car

I drank güarapo de caña! It had not drank that in more than fifteen years. Güarapo de caña is sugar cane juice. At some point in history (until the 1940’s) Puerto Rico had one of the biggest sugar cane industries in Latin America and it was a common drink. Now you can only find it at fairs and when small local makers sell it in the road. This juice is green and even though it’s the juice from the sugar cane I think it’s additionally sweetened and diluted to make it drinkable. It’s absolutely delicious and so refreshing.  And maybe it can’t be appreciated in the pic, but the drink is dark green.



how güarapo de caña looks

The sun was pretty.

 before sunset

While on a trip in Puerto Rico, in the summer, when it’s about 786º F outside, one of the best things one could find on the road is cold coconuts to drink. It’s something fairly common but still kind of awesome to see, and taste. It was so cold and the juice so sweet, heavenly!

coco frio \  cold coconut

I messed up the tints in this pic to try to save the rainbow that I was trying to capture.

rainbow hipstamatic

Also featured in the weekend, but forgot to take pics (I keep forgetting to get the food): a plate of my pasta bow ties with four cheeses sauce with a side of octopus in garlic (ready to eat from the can, cooking cheat!) and garlic bread. YUM.


Have a great beginning of the week!


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