The first line of my -non-existent- biographic novel

I love the DailyLit.

Right now I receive a bit of The Intellectual Devotional  (HIGHLY recommended!) in my inbox everyday. I have the actual book, but I never used it daily as it is supposed to, so I enjoy this ‘inbox version’ better.

DailyLit’s current newsletter had a challenge to write your own first sentence for a novel and share it. Excellent motivation to blow off the dust of the first sentence from a biographic ‘novel’ I begun years ago, which has been sitting in my inbox laughing at my attempt:

Me bautizaron Angela en honor a mi abuela, pero después de la pubertad todos me llamaron Angie.”


“I was baptized Angela in honor of my grandmother, but after puberty everyone called me Angie.”

Totally took the easy road with that one.  Even the title, 1997, had no effort what so ever.   But there it is.  The first line of a novel.  You can share yours at the link above in DailyLit.

(And no, my name is not Angela.  But it nearly was.)


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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