Inside: A peek inside Puerto Rico’s and my family’s history

Several weeks ago I met my grandmother’s last living cousin, Tutty. She’s seventy six, has survived a stroke, an operation to her back and fifty two years of marriage with the same man.

My family had lunch with her husband, one of her daughters and herself. Tutty has the same strong sense of humor my grandmother has and it was great to see them sharing jokes and tales together. I could see a lot of my families’ traits in her. Except that I was completely shocked to learn that she can, even with her mobility limitations, use a laptop connected to a 42 inch TV monitor, navigate the internet, send emails and be like a teenager on the web. She also owns a smartphone and can send multimedia messages. My mother can barely manage normal messages, seriously.

We talked a lot about my recent research regarding my grandmother’s father birthplace and history. It turned out her husband is a history buff like me and we hit it off instantly. He said he was “honored” to meet a young person interested in our culture and heritage and he wanted to show me some of his collection.

He took out a huge volume and inside it there were stamps and envelopes dating back to 1920’s. I had to control myself not to drool over them. He also has some amazing books, special and limited editions, art pieces, saints and a Remington typewriter (that can type!) that could be from 1892.





They basically had to drag me out of there when it was time to go. It was an amazing peek inside our island’s history and even more, into my family’s history! They were very generous and lend me an amazing volume on Puerto Rico’s history during the Latinamerican war that I’m fascinated with. It could take me two years to finish it, but just to be able to peruse it, I’m delighted.

Even better, having it means that we will go back to visit them and who knows what other interesting things we’ll learn from each other next time!


Have a great Monday 🙂


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