When gloves turn into weapons

Edited to add:  It’s been confirmed it was a chemical burn (I mentioned it here) for squeezing about half a shopping bag of lemons.  It took us a while to figure that one out because WEIRD! 


The gloves. The darn gloves.

I put on gloves that I had used and left in questionable conditions for about two years. My logic was that the clorox was going to kill my hands, which is what my solution almost did.

I, the microbiologist (well, it’s a certification but only four or six credits -statistics- short of the actual degree, so really) hereby confess that I threw my knowledge out the window and went momentarily stupid.

I don’t have definitive proof that the gloves are the culprit of the infection that I currently have on both my hands, but cellulitis usually attacks a zone after a bite or a scratch and I have it in both hands in the exact places where the gloves grip the skin. The doctor that tended to me in the emergency room (because before heading back home we had to stop in an emergency room. Talk about a way to turn around the relaxation.) marked the infection zones so I could have a clear visual of the antibiotics effects and my hands looked like a map.

I received two intramuscular shots and an IV of antibiotics. Three days later and two doctors after that and we can’t decide what it is exactly, it could be just a horrible allergic reaction. I’m on antibiotics and a topical cream to reduce inflammation.

I’ve been home a full week. That’s a whole week that I COULD HAVE BEEN ON VACATION. Meh.


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