[Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream] Summer Vacations

View to the front a video by narami on Flickr.

I took two days off work added to my two free days to take real summer vacations.

Proper summer vacations must have sea water, pools, nights under the stars, sea food and lots of wine. I also had spectacular company. We went to our beach apartment on the other side of the island, which I hadn’t visited in a couple of years, so before any fun was going to be had we had to clean first. I broke out the clorox and found a pair of gloves I used on my last visit and I went crazy with it. I think we were finished in two hours.

Sitting spot.

shrimp in coconut sauce


Sea water

The days were spent sitting in front of the ocean watching the boats go by, cooking shrimp and salmon in a little portable stove that was the star of our trip (I called it the Mogul of Portable Cooking), drinking wine and talking.

It was a dream come true.

And then on the last day of the trip my hands started to feel funny, the left one got red and significantly inflamed and I knew immediately that I had cellulitis mono. But that’s another post because I don’t want to mess this one up with details about a hospital visit, this post is about how the vacations were perfect.


5 thoughts on “[Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream] Summer Vacations

  1. tgaw says:

    That vacation sounds great! (Except for the last part of course!). We are going to have a few days at the beach next week which will qualify as a “proper summer vacation”. We will try to do it justice! 🙂


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