Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

When I was in third grade my art’s teacher almost killed my creativity forever. She pointed out how awful was my collage of the Puerto Rican parrot with a face that stated that there was no hope for my skills. Thankfully, the fact that you couldn’t tell where was the head of my parrot didn’t mean that later on I wouldn’t be able to produce some sort of art creation.

Even though the only thing I can draw that’s up to standards is a happy face, I have a small and cheap collection of watercolors and a drawing pad just to play sometimes. Every now and then I even get a few ideas of things that look like real drawings. Like this one:

I doodled that in the margins of a training hand-out at work and kept the papers to re-do it in watercolors. I’ve only watched some youtube videos of people doing watercolors and with that I wing the process.

Though it’s nothing extraordinary it’s one of the few art pieces (ha) I’ve done that I like. Maybe someday I’ll decorate something with it.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

    • narami says:

      Thanks 🙂 Years later that’s exactly what I thought, what did she expect from a kid in third grade who was busy talking and laughing with friends? 😀 I had to paint and cut the whole thing! It had like a 100 pieces!


    • narami says:

      Thank you Naomi! I’m glad I had enough perspective to not take the insident very seriously, though I do remember it every now and then when I’m going to paint something. Will be checking that link out 🙂


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