Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

The downside of always being the one behind the camera is that I barely have pictures of myself doing fun stuff.  I also have to deal with a lot of yelling because the people I hang out with don’t like to have their picture taken. IRONY.

I plan photo-trips and get to make pictures of everything but very rarely get a chance to set things up to have my own self portrait.  I could carry the tripod everywhere just in case I need it, but I’m not a good enough photographer to make that worth my while.  It also makes people watching the process think that you are so vain you probably think this song is about you, when you are just an amateur photographer trying to get a pic of yourself so you can remember five years from now how your bangs were totally crazy.

So usually, when I snap a self-portrait it’s because I had a chance in between doing other things and taking other pictures.  I shoot a couple of times and hope that one of the shots comes out with my face in it.

The last time we went to Lares I made it a point to have my picture taken somewhere in the Hacienda because I like that place so much.  I had to sacrifice a bit of conversation time to go around and get a few pictures I wanted and while I was walking outside I figured I could perch up the camera in the balcony, use the ten second timer and get some of the view in the background.

One of those shots has been the new picture in my About Me page for a couple of months now:

for about me

I was delighted when it came out unfocused because it’s perfect for this. So, in case you hadn’t seen it or didn’t knew, that is me.  And OMG look AT THAT WOOD.

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