More of the little things

Stef answered here what many years ago in the blogging/diary/journaling world was known as a meme. It’s true sometimes we blog our thoughts and stories but don’t share more of the simple little things that makes us… us; that’s why I have a 103 facts about me post (accessible through my About Me page) that I update at least once a year (like this month!). She left some questions of her own to be answered by anyone who wanted to do so, I liked them and here they are:

  • Do you speed when you drive? If so, generally how far over the limit do you travel?

Yes. I generally go 5 mph over the speed limit on the highway and 10-20 mph over the limit in less transited areas. I’m not particularly proud about this.

  • What is your favorite food to eat when you’re not feeling well? Do you eat this food at other times, or only when you’re sick?

My grandmother’s sancocho.  I’m thirty two and I still call her to ask for it when I’m sick. I eat it whenever it’s available because I love it.

  • What is your morning beverage of choice?

Juice. I LOVE coffee, but it really affects my sleep schedule.

  • What do you like most about yourself?

That I’m very aware of what’s important in life so I enjoy wholeheartedly the simple delights along the way.

  • Are you a dog person or a cat person? (Or some other animal person?)

Dogs. I like cats. Just not in my house.

  • What is the first birthday you really remember? What stands out about it?

My third birthday. It was Strawberry Shortcake themed and my whole family was there. That never happened again.

  • Who is one person that has had a significant impact on your life?

Please read here a post about my paternal grandmother.

  • Do you remember your dreams? If so, do you typically dream in color or B/W; with sound or without; of fantastical things or about more mundane items…?

I remember most of my dreams. I dream very vividly, with intricate but clear plot lines most of the time. In fact, most of the stories I wrote when I was younger, were dreams. I also have normal, boring and crazy dreams like everyone else. Worth noting: I have a foreseen a few things in dreams. Like a friend’s pregnancy.

  • What sound do you love?

1) the laughter of the people I love

2) my pets calling me

3) the ocean’s lullaby

  • What is your favorite household chore? Least favorite?

I love to do the laundry. Don’t make me clean the windows.

  • What is one thing (or more) you’re proud of about yourself?

I’m very proud of being humble.

You can participate of this meme answering the questions and linking back on Stef’s post and here. It’s fun!


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