The battle of the batter

A couple of weeks ago I tried to make home made doughnuts for the first time.  I basically burned some oil, had a ’till death’ battle with the batter and by the time I finished gave up, there was no spot in the kitchen that wasn’t sprinkled in flour.

I had never been so taken down by a recipe before.  I followed the instructions perfectly and I knew as soon as the batter was done that there was something horribly wrong.  I couldn’t manage the batter well, it wasn’t cooking properly and I had huge issues maintaining the oil temperature.  I burned all the doughnuts and they were still raw inside.  I tried to fix things, but after a while I lost the bit of patience I have.  It was hot, I was frustrated (and hungry) and I just took the batter and threw it in the trash can, along with all the doughnuts.

On the bright side, the kitchen smelled lovely for like, two days.

I pretended that I didn’t care about the doughnut fail, but all I did the next few days was research because I was going to win this, I said I was going to make doughnuts; so help me God.

Today I tried again.  I used a different recipe (turns out the other recipe was missing about half a cup of flour, which explains a lot) and did breathing exercises during the process and I made the doughnuts.  I wouldn’t eat them, unless it will save someone’s life, but everyone else has eaten them and they survived, so they are eatable.  Oh, the icing is yummy.  I licked the bowl.

I’m never making them again, but I won.



3 thoughts on “The battle of the batter

    • narami says:

      I found a recipe video on youtube (it’s in Spanish) (the first recipe I tried was from Design Sponge) there are A LOT of videos on how to make doughnuts. Personally, I think it’s too much work and I’m buying them from now on, but if you want an experience with flour, this is the one try 🙂


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