The third shift and I had our first battle, and I won

So I survived the third shift.

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop whining about it, it just means I didn’t died of it.  In fact I feel like I can now whine freely.  I tried to keep my composure for the duration of the shift, mostly succeeding, except for those times when I stomped my feet, pouted and faked-cried and, even then I consider my behavior composed because what I really wanted to do was cry real tears and call in absent every single working day.

Speaking about being absent, if you are wondering how much I’m exaggerating about how confusing (and generally sucky)  it is to work a third shift AND rotate days, let me tell you;  it’s so confusing that, one day?  I FORGOT I HAD TO WORK.  I didn’t not go to work on purpose, trust me I don’t have to lie to you, you are not my boss:  I thought it was my free day AND IT WASN’T.  That’s how screwed up it is.  The really sad thing?  Everyone understood BECAUSE IT HAPPENS SO OFTEN.

Look, when your work schedule is so messed up that you don’t know for sure if your next Thursday is free or not until you decipher a table that has colored days and numbered names, it’s sad.  So sad you should cry.  But of course, you don’t cry.  You just take on a new hot-chocolate addiction, put on your earbuds and stuff yourself with every single vitamin supplement you can find.  My vitamin and supplement cocktail SAVED ME during all those days when I slept three hours and felt like a piece of dry shit in the middle of the road with a truck going over it.  I’m now an expert on how much and how often you can drink vitamin C, D, E, multivitamins, Omega-3, B12 and Glucosamine.  I was sleepy, so sleepy that most days I couldn’t sit down or touch any soft surface because my eyes would just shut themselves and within three seconds I would be profoundly asleep and having some nightmare about sweating until disappearing,  but I never got sick.  The power of the natural cocktail!

So yes, the third shift got draggy and most of the last days I just quietly moaned after seven in the evening thinking about the shift ahead, BUT!  I survived darn it!  In the battle between the third shift and me, I motherfreaking won.


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