It’s finally here! The trailer of Rum Diary, or that movie I was in

A couple of years ago I wrote about my first experience as an extra in a movie (this links to the first part, keep going to the next one if you wish).  I have waited a couple of years for this moment when I can finally share the trailer and the opening date of Rum Diary:

I hope you watch it October 28, as I will.  I’m the girl that walks in front of the camera when Hunter gets to the newspaper office.  He is riding in a taxi, says he doesn’t speak Spanish, steps out and … there I am in a blue dress, with a bun in my hair.

PS This is my 777 post!  Clap it!

11 thoughts on “It’s finally here! The trailer of Rum Diary, or that movie I was in

  1. narami says:

    Reblogged this on de monte y mar and commented:

    For my I Remember Series:
    I Found The Post Where I shared The Rum Diary Trailer And Tell You Where To Spot Me In One Of The Scenes I Worked As An Extra.
    I’m Also Walking In The Walk Way When The Car Is Going To The Office And On One Of The Scenes At Night.
    Have A Great Weekend!


    • narami says:

      I can assure you that when I saw him (and he said hi to me. And I almost died) he looked SO YOUNG. And handsome 🙂
      It’s an eclectic movie, I warn you, but an entertaining one, if you want to see it.

      Thanks for coming by!

      Liked by 1 person

    • narami says:

      That’s awesomely useful and will help us find the content we should be sharing! Thank you so much for the shout out, I do believe meeting Mr Depp and being an extra in that movie is one if the coolest things I’ve done, though I used to search for adventure before trading that for the Hardcore Country Life and motherhood.

      Thanks again for hosting the link ups 😀


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