My mouth is free! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Yesterday, for the first time in seventeen years, my mouth was free of foreign objects.


I had my bottom permanent retainer removed after thirteen years.  If there is a competition on how long the featured item was worn, I think I have a good shot.  That little metal line did an awesome job, but it’s about time I had my whole mouth back!  I’m gonna be using top and bottom removable retainers now.

Just to make this more personal, because showing you my orthodontic parts and speaking about the state of my teeth is not enough, I’ll say that you’d think such a little thing won’t make a different in there and I expected to barely notice but;  I’m pronouncing s’  differently sometimes because now it goes a bit further to the front and I can’t hit the sound in the same  place as before.

I just made your life complete by sharing that.  You are welcome.

As usual, the lack of posts means I will be sharing some news soon.   Have a good weekend!  And a great Noche de San Juan!  If you can find a big enough body of water, go dive in it backwards seven times at midnight.   That’s what half of Puerto Rico will be doing.

2 thoughts on “My mouth is free! – Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

  1. geekhiker says:

    Wow, really? Seventeen years? I feel extra, extra guilty about failing to wear my retainer for the full two years back when I was in high school now…

    Wait? You have news? Big news? What is it? Did you fall in love? Are you starring in a movie with Johnny Depp? Did you fall in love with Johnny Depp and you’re making a movie with him? What is it? I can’t stand the suspense? I can’t take it! I don’t need this kind of stress in my life! *passes out*



    • narami says:

      Thirteen years for the retainer. Don’t feel bad, it worked for a lot people (skipping the retainer) but I never mess with my teeth. I’m picky about it.

      Well, now please don’t uncover my secrets! 😉


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