One of the things that happened last week: Meet JayJay

When I was a kid my mom had a huge cage with about a dozen budgies and she bred a couple of cockatiels that I adored; Jessy and Amy (Jessy was the name of the first boy I liked in my life, in kindergarten, by the way).  I remember watching her wake up every three hours to feed them and then training them to respond to basic commands.  The results were amazing, that couple of cockatiels shared life with us seamlessly.  Together they had Leah who was a feisty, and delightful piece of work.

The day we buried my grandfather (on my mother’s side) someone, a visitor, opened their cage and left it so.  When we arrived home all the birds were gone.  We don’t know who it was, but just in case, I resent a lot of members of my mother’s family.

Sometime around last year I began saying that the first thing I was going to buy when I moved was going to be a bird (right after a purple lava lamp) because I remembered -and began to long for- that little delicate and graceful joy birds can give.  There’s nothing quite so cheery as listening to a bird having their wake up in the mornings.  When they get happy, and that’s usually as soon as they see someone, they sing as if this one day will be the awesomest twenty four hours anyone could ever have.

And I love animals so, I also think they smell super good and their feathers are so soft I just want to kiss them a lot.

Well, last Friday I found my mother sitting at my grandmother’s house with a cockatiel perched in her hand.  For me with love.

People at her work saw him fleeing from a cat in a rooftop (that’s the cat and him, both were in the rooftop, I still can’t figure that out) they caught him but couldn’t have him there, so my mom asked to have him.  By the way, at that point, he was thought to be a girl by people who had never in their lives seen a cockatiel and my mom who forgot everything about them until about three days ago when most things came back to her in a rushing flashback when I asked her if I could give him a bit of mango and she basically recited three books worth of bird facts in two minutes.

So people, meet JayJay:

9 thoughts on “One of the things that happened last week: Meet JayJay

  1. kristy says:

    Awwww!!! What a nice addition! Since I’ve been reading you’ve had dogs, cats, newborn babies, and now a bird grace your life!

    My sis Princess Priscilla kept birds for a long time but phased out of it when she became a mom 6 years ago. She still has an african gray parrot that’s large & in charge! Those suckers can live into their 70s!!!

    Congrats on the new member of the family circle 🙂


    • narami says:

      Thanks Kristy!
      You’ve been reading me for SO LONG! 😀

      African greys are BEAUTIFUL! I bet he’s a handful! This little fella has AN ATTITUDE 🙂 just a few minutes ago he was eating bread from my hand and screaming at me alternatively. xoD


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