Reading: The Hunger Games

The first book I read from my list this year was The Hunger Games.   I know, it’s everywhere now because the movie is coming out and whatever, but I’ve had it on queue forever and just got it in March.  I finished it yesterday.

What I have to say about it is that THE POINT OF VIEW ALMOST KILLED ME OF DEATH.  I needed to cap that because for the first two hundred pages it was a strain to read through it.  What am I, four?  I don’t know when was the last time I read something written in first person, but it must have been a long time ago because it unnerved me too much.   The thing about the first person point of view is that it is VERY hard to carry.   One of the common mistakes is to not be able to sustain the voice of the character when the author needs to explain something that is beyond them and in this book I was annoyed every time the principal character, Katniss, a girl that grew up in a very poor city, someone that spends most of her time hunting for food, spat out words like leniency, amiable and imprudent.

I think it was because of this that it was after I passed half of the book when I begun to care about Katniss (which by the way, everyone is a pet in this book;  Katniss, Peeta, Cato, Rue… ).

Although the characters at the beginning are not very interesting on their own, the capitol people are kind of cool and after the games begun I wanted to keep reading.   The plot is interesting and original enough;  in the games 24 people must kill each other until one is the victor, and I was ever so glad that it wasn’t overplayed.

I’m gonna be reading the next two books, but later on.  Next up: Flowers in the Attic.

“My spirit.  This is a new thought.  I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter.  In a sort of brave way.  It’s not as if I’m never friendly.  Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but I do care for some people.”

– Katniss, p. 121-122 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.


9 thoughts on “Reading: The Hunger Games

  1. Diem says:

    Hi Narami. This is D who left a comment on your last post. I went back and read a few of your older post and i find you quite charming. The way you think and process things in your life. Don’t worry, i’m not hitting on you 🙂 It’s just a compliment.

    Ok, onto the Hunger Games. I really enjoyend it but I started reading the book with the mind set that it was written for teens. You will enjoy the next two books. Though I’m not quite sure if i liked the ending to the last book. You will see what i mean.

    Flowers in the Attic… can’t remembered what i thought of it . I read it as a teen. By the way, it’s pretty cool that you are fluent in Spanish and English. Wished that i was able to read my Mom’s native tongue.


    • narami says:

      Hey D! I’m glad you enjoyed some of the older posts & thank you! Writing is a big part of how I process things and I’m glad I have this outlet that helps me share with others. Not worried, just humbled 🙂

      So the book; I like reading young adult literature precisely because it’s light, entertaining and sometimes it feels so good to just read something fun. I guess I felt like the fun took some time to be found, it was there, just had to wait a bit for it. Patience is not my virtue 🙂 Since I’m already invested, I’m glad to hear the next two are worth it too. I’ve heard about the ending being disappointing so much!

      Flowers in the Attic has turned out to be enjoyable.

      And yeah, about the English, over here (Puerto Rico) English is compulsory in school, so everyone has 12 years of English 🙂 Not everyone is fluent, but most people can at least understand it. Spanish is beautiful! You should learn it! Where is your mother from?


      • Diem says:

        I live in Texas so yo se poquito de espanol 🙂 I am from Vietnam and am actually starting to learn to read with my daughter (8 yrs old). She goes to Vietnamese school once a week so i’m learning it along with her. It is very unfortunate she does not speak it at all b/c we don’t speak at home (hubby is not Vietnamese).

        Have a great weekend. It must be great to live on an island in the Caribbean.


        • narami says:

          Oh, Texas! Cool 🙂 You and your daughter learning together, that’s GREAT. What an amazing experience for her, to share that with you!

          Thanks, hope you all have a great one too. And well, there is nothing like the Caribbean 🙂


  2. geekhiker says:

    Maybe it’s a good thing that the first person point of view made you uncomfortable. After all, isn’t one of the ideas of reading new and different things to be challenged a bit? Besides, it sounds a lot more interesting than the dry technical texts I’ve been reading lately!


    • narami says:

      When I passed the first 50 pages, that’s exactly what I thought “well, at least it’s different!” & dude, if I had to read what YOU are reading? I would get myself a good stack of this kind of books. I would go berserk without alternating it with some fun stuff.


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